Native Dancer, Sorrel Pinto

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Native Dancer is stunning as a pinto!  This gorgeous sorrel pinto was made as part of Breyer's Saddle Club collection in 1969-1997 as #5650, and sold singly as #5651.  While most people regard them as interchangeable, we've noticed that this fellow, who is the single SM #5651, has a narrower blaze.  It may be a variation, or a true distinction between the two releases.  He is a mostly white sorrel tobiano with buff hooves and a blaze.  His photos have been sent to IDYB, as she didn't have a photo of this release, so he's going to be sort-of famous!

This fellow is in Excellent condition with several black specks, probably factory, in his white areas.  He may also have slight yellowing, which you can easily correct with a couple of days in a sunny place.  He features muzzle pinking and colored areas that include highlights.


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #5651