Neck Rosette (Classic Scale) for B-Ranch Series

Neck Rosette (Classic Scale) for B-Ranch Series


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This is an original neck rosette which came with certain members of the B-Ranch Series in 1995-1997.  It consists of a red ribbon that fastens around the neck with a velcro closure, adorned with a blue rosette with yellow center and red, yellow, and blue tails.

Horses that came with this style of ribbon include:

  • Kelso ~ Blackjack
  • Kelso ~ Vanity
  • Silky Sullivan ~ Buck
  • Ginger ~ Precious Beauty Foal & Gift Set

If your horse is missing his/her rosette, here's a rare opportunity to get one!  These get lost so easily that they're very hard to find these days.

[Horse not included.  She's just "modelling."]


Size:  Classic scale

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