Newsworthy, Gold Charm ~ Only 350 Made


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The jumping Newsworthy mold was offered as an extremely limited Dealer's Special in fall of 2008... Only 350 were made in each color: bronze, silver, and gold charm.  They were released to select Breyer dealers only.  They are hard to find now due to the popularity of both the mold and the decorator coloring.  The Gold Charm model here has a bright metallic gold body with white mane, tail, legs, and face, and delicately pink hooves.  His base is a clear, stylized wave-shape which is attractive and doesn't steal attention from the horse.

This fellow is still New In Box.  I removed the outer cover to take better photos for you, then closed him back up again.  Both horse and base remain attached with their original ties.  I see no glaring flaws.  White spots in photos are camera reflection from his metallic coat.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #712001