Newsworthy ~ W.H. Topgun - Matte - Breyerfest 2020

Newsworthy ~ W.H. Topgun - Matte - Breyerfest 2020


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W.H. Topgun is a dappled buckskin with no white.  He was a Limited Edition for Virtual Breyerfest 2020.  Only 1000 were made in matte finish for the event.  Due to overwhelming participation and frustration from ticket holders about not being able to get these models during the event, Breyer offered a second round done in a glossy finish to ticket holders, which shipped to them in December, 2020.  1445 were made in glossy, so the matte is the scarcer of the two versions.

This fellow is Factory Mint with a slightly bent-forward left eartip.  It's adorable, but you could straighten it with a warm hair dryer if you like.  He features deep shading on his fore and hindquarters with soft dapples, and pretty face shading.  He comes with his original base, also in Mint condition.  He even comes with his bio section from the back of his box.  (The white mark on his knee came off with a gentle bath, so it's no longer there.)


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #711474

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