Nokota Horse - Original Release

Nokota Horse - Original Release


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The Nokota Horse is a descendant of the wild bands that roamed the North Dakota badlands for as far back as people remember.  The breed's name is much newer:  It was coined in the 1980s by the Kuntz brothers, Frank and Leo, who purchased many of the horses the National Park Service opted to remove from Theodore Roosevelt National Park in a misguided attempt to make money.  (Original-style wild horses didn't sell well at auction, so they removed them and replaced herd stallions with Arabians, Quarter Horses, and drafters to "improve" their appearance and sale-ability at auction.)  The Kuntz brothers saved these original Indian horses and began a responsible breeding program, along with promoting their hardiness, intelligence, and stamina to help the breed gain followers.  You can find out more about them at:

nokota horse - credit

[Nokota Horse - credit]


Breyer's tribute to the Nokota Horse was a fundraiser that helped promote the breed.  He is a blue roan stallion, similar to the Nokota stallion Target.  He wears a lovely roan coat with corn spots, a dark head and one hind sock.  He was sculpted by Kathleen Moody and is the inaugural release for the mold.  He was a single-year release in 2007, making him very sought-after today.

This fellow is still attached in his original box.  Box has a price sticker remnant on front and minor creasing of the plastic, but displays well.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1279

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