Old Timer, Alabaster w/ Hat - VARIATION: Solid Grey

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This gentle fellow is one of Chris Hess's most iconic sculpts.  The Old Timer rests with one foot cocked after his day's work is done, waiting to be unharnessed.  The alabaster (or pale grey) color on this mold was produced from 1966-1976.  He typically has a white body with grey mane and tail, and features varying degrees of grey body shading, from none at all to being solid grey.

This fellow is in Excellent to Near Mint condition with a group of pinpoint rubs on his left shoulder, hoof and ear edge rubs, some "dirty" areas in his socks and a few specks in his coat.  He also shows moderate yellowing that can be corrected with some time spent sunbathing.  He features a truly grey coat, as dark as some of the lighter smoke-colored models we've seen, with a bald face, and inner ear and muzzle pinking.  He wears a brown harness with the browband triangles unpainted and without a USA mark.  He even comes with his original hat! 

His photos have been sent to www.identifyyourbreyer.com to become the reference for this uncommon variation, so he's going to be sort of famous!

[Last image shows him next to his "regular alabaster" brother (sold separately) for a color comparison.]


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #200