Original Mare and Foal ~ Irish Lace and Lucky

Original Mare and Foal ~ Irish Lace and Lucky

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This mom and foal are flea-bitten grey Thoroughbreds on the Original Mare and Original Foal molds.  They were a single year release in 1995.

The mare Irish Lace is in Excellent condition with some tiny rubs on her hooves and muzzle and a few hairline grey marks, which may come off with a gentle bath. She has a little smudge of gold paint from her GC brand next to her tail that looks like an exclamation point. Her tail has been braided to keep it safe, but feels like new. Her mane is unruly, but feels like new as well.  She features soft grey body shading and brown flea bites.

Her foal Lucky is Near Mint with only a few pinpoint hoof edge rubs and a couple of pinpoint black specks on her right foreleg. Her mane and tail are like new and include a mix of white and light chestnut hairs, like her parents. She features lots of subtle body shading.

They even come with the mare's bio card and the foal's nameplate (foals didn't have bio cards).

Although he was sold separately, the stallion Foxcroft was intended to be the sire of Lucky.  We have him listed separately here until adopted, in case you'd like to reunite the family. 


Size:  Approx 1:12 scale (Classic size)

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