Othello ~ Pamplemousse - JAH SR

Othello ~ Pamplemousse - JAH SR


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The most sought-after "Just About Horses" Subscriber Special of all time, Pamplemousse is a glossy dappled palomino sabino on the Othello mold with four stockings and a blaze.  He was only available by lottery to lucky subscribers in 2011.

This fellow is Near Mint with only slight yellowing marking him down.  This is from the aging of the gloss only, as he came to us still factory wrapped!  The Breyer shipping box had been damaged on the outside, so we've had to recycle that, but he is magnificent.  He has a few specks in his finish as always, and a factory flaw: with a group of tiny, faint grey spots under the gloss on his left rump.  He features subtle dapples in a creamy coat, with soft grey muzzle and inner ear shading, and muzzle pinking.  He has "JAH 2011" factory printed on the bottom of one hind foot.  He comes with his original COA, which got a little bent from being underneath him in his box.

Remember, we offer a payment plan that can help you budget Grail-level models like this magnificent fellow.  Read about our Lay-Buys Payment Plan here.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #712059

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