Outfit for Brenda Breyer, English

Outfit for Brenda Breyer, English


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This English outfit for the original Brenda Breyer... Years of production aren't known, but I'd expect them to be roughly the same as Brenda's:  1978-1986.   If your rider is missing parts of her outfit, or they're damaged, here's a rare opportunity to replace them!

These sets came to us pre-packaged, and we've left them that way.  They appear to be Near Mint, other than the white cotton of shirt has naturally darkened with time. 

Two sets available:  Each includes white shirt-vest, black jacket, ecru breeches with stirrup bottoms, black boots, riding helmet, crop and rider entry number card "757".  Set appears to be in Near Mint condition, packed in a cello hang-tab bag.


Size:  Traditional (fits rider around 9" tall)

Breyer Model #501 (outfit only; rider not included)

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