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Pacer, Buckskin (Light Bay) - JC Penney SR


  • $995

Chris Hess's Pacer is an eye-catcher in this warm buckskin color, which he wore only for the JC Penney holiday catalog in 1995.  He has three socks, a solid face, and a black halter.  Only 5500 were made.

This fellow is in Very Good condition with some tiny rubs and a couple of tiny grey specks.  He also shows moderate yellowing.  He needs someone to love him and give him some TLC!  The yellowing can be reversed if he's given some time in a sunny place, and he has a slightly bent in leg that a warm hair dryer will fix.  Like all models on this release, he requires a prop to stand.  We recommend Museum Putty.  He's a great fellow for a restoration project, or a kid's horse or a customization model.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #710295