Pacer, Dan Patch - Limited Edition


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The Pacer was done in dark red bay as a portrait of one of the most famous racehorses of early last century, and one of the most renowned Standardbreds of all time.  Dan Patch remained unbeaten throughout his career, holding the Pacing record of 1:55.  So amazing was this horse that rarely do you see his name without "The Great" in front of it.  The country loved him, and Dan Patch was a rockstar:  He had toys, household goods, even a washing machine use his name and likeness! 

Dan Patch with MW Savage  Dan Patch brand coffee
The left photo above is captioned "M.W. Savage and His Great Dan Patch 1:55."  RIght:  A can of Dan Patch Coffee

This Breyer portrait model was the 1990 Limited Edition, available only for that year.  He wears Dan Patch's deep coloring and half-Moon star.

This fellow is in Factory Mint with a tiny rough line 1/2" long on left shoulder. He features great shading, a well-painted halter, and a comma shaped star.  As with almost all Pacers, he needs help to stand.  Museum Putty works great!  


Size: Traditional

Breyer Model #819