Papier Mache Japanese Horse

Papier Mache Japanese Horse

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This is a neat fellow - One of two we received.  They are described elsewhere as Japanese Samauri horses, and were handmade in Japan toward the middle of the last century, either as toys or as souvenir items.  In Japan, the Kansai white horse symbolizes good luck and good health, so he may have been made to wish good fortune to whomever owns him.

He appears to be made of balsa wood with plaster and then papier mache over it.  There is no maker's mark.  He is a dapple grey (faint dapples like chicken wire are painted in small groups here and there) and wears an Oriental-style orange-fringe costume.  The costume includes a patterned fabric, cloth reins and metal sled-shaped stirrups.  He requires a prop to stand (not included) and has a tear under the tail, only visible if you turn him over to look underneath.  We'd rate him in Very Good condition, as he has wear overall and may be missing a piece from his saddle.

The second one will go online in a week or two.  What a neat addition to your collection!


Size:  Approximately the size of older Classic models, between 6" and 7" tall.


Note:  We don't have a category for "papier mache over wood," so we're tucking him into the "resins" category... He is NOT resin, but he is artist-made, so it was the closest fit we could come up with. :-)