Phantom Wings - Misty's Foal

Phantom Wings - Misty's Foal


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The most famous Chincoteague Pony ever, was, of course, Misty.  While Misty's most famous foal is Stormy, her first foal was her colt Phantom Wings, who shared her palomino pinto coloring.  He was named by a young horse lover in a contest, with a name honoring both his granddam Phantom and his sire Wings.  (He also has a marking on his rump that looks like wings!)  He lived on the Beebee Ranch his whole life, but sadly died young after breaking into a cattle field and getting sick from the feed (this is the only information we have, but we can assume the feed was silage and he got botulism from it, as this has happened at other farms).  He is known to have had one colt, so his lineage continued beyond his passing.

Misty with her three foals; credit

[Misty on her stool, with her three foals. L to R: Wisp O' Mist, Phantom Wings, and Stormy.  Held by Ralph and Paul Beebe. Photo credit:]


Breyer's portrait release on their "Rough-Coat Stock Foal" mold ran from 1982-1987, and was so popular that the mold is now generally known as the Phantom Wings mold.

This fellow is Near Mint with only a tiny tail tip rub!  He is one of the prettiest we've ever seen:  He features a buttery golden coat with whites so bright they look like snow!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #29

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