Phantom Wings ~ Rough-Coat Stock Foal, Sorrel Appaloosa


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Chris Hess sculpted this little guy as the Rough-Coated Stock Horse Foal for release in the late 1970s.  This cute sorrel Appaloosa was produced only from 1979-1982.  He wears a solid face and legs, an airbrushed blanket, and splatter spots.

This colt is in Excellent condition with pinpoint wear on some of the high points of his texturing.  This is masked by the semi-gloss finish of his white blanket that shows through the lighter paint of his barrel.  He has tiny, light muzzle rubs that don't go all the way to plastic.  This cutie features spots down to his hocks, nostril shading, and un-glossed eyes.  No USA mark.

Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #47