Pluto ~ The Spanish Riding School of Vienna's Lipizzaner on the Long Rein


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One of the longest names ever bestowed upon a Breyer item, this beautiful display set lives up to the hype.  Great care was taken in every detail of the horse's tack and rider's costume.  Only 5000 were made, and production was limited to 2001.  This is truly a beautiful set and hard to find complete these days. 

This set displays as Near Mint and is complete with handler, all of handler's clothing, including spurs, horse's embroidered blanket, leather bridle adorned with brass decorations, and COA.  Tack has stained horse and attempts to remove the stains have removed some of his silver shading on his barrel, so this set should be displayed dressed. It might even show well!  It bears the low serial number  #0119/5000.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #3363