Polo Pony, Bay

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The Polo Pony was originally considered a Traditional model, but most everyone categorizes it as a Classic these days, since he's more 1:12 scale than 1:9.  This rich bay was the original release in 1976.  He wears a solid face and socks, though the number of socks varies on this release.  He comes with a plastic base painted to look like wood.  He was discontinued in 1982, and the mold has only been used a couple of times since.

This fellow is Near Mint with just pinpoint rubs on his muzzle and one on his right leg, and a pinpoint white paint speck under his tail that will almost certainly come off.  His base has warped upward only very, very slightly, indicating to me that he was not out on display long.  It has, however, warped sideways. I haven't seen this before; perhaps it occurred during production.  Upon super-close inspection, there is a fine crack on the side that has "stretched," but it's all but invisible.  It also has some tiny rubs that you could easily touch up.  He features a beautiful, smooth finish with subtle shading, and his base has beautiful woodgraining.  He also seems to have socks only on his left legs, with his right legs lightening somewhat toward his feet.


Size:  Traditional/Classic

Breyer Model #626