Polo Pony ~ Mahogany Bay

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This handsome old guy was Hartland's original Polo Pony release.  He is a mahogany bay with slightly lighter face, stripe, and white leg and tail bandages.  He was only made from 1964-1966.

He is in Near Mint condition - and we don't say that too often about 1960s Hartlands!  His most "serious" issue are three pinpoint yellow specks under his left barrel.  Beyond that, he has a handful of pinpoint rubs that look like dust specks, and is generally beautiful.  His seams are raised, but there are no sharp points, and he has no seam splits or any glue showing.  He features dark shading with mahogany highlights, fairly well-painted polo wraps, eye whites, and a neatly done arrow-shaped star and stripe.  He wears an upside down N inside his right hind leg.


Size:  9" Series (Hartland designation; not actual height)

Hartland Model #: 883