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Pony of the Americas ~ Cream of Tartar, 1996 Show Special


  • $1895

One of the earliest pony breeds to get honored with a mold, the POA was first issued in 1976.  This beautiful Palomino blanket Appaloosa called Cream of Tartar was available on only at Breyer events in 1996.  He features a white blanket edged with resist dapples and few darker spots.  He has a stripe, three socks, and a striped dark hoof.

This fellow is in Excellent condition with a few grey specks on the left side of his tail, some shiny areas on his left side, and his legs are bent in slightly, typical for this mold.  (You could straighten them easily with a hair dryer.)  He has a beautifully shaded muzzle, lovely blanket, and even comes with his original Certificate of Authenticity.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #700196