Pony of the Americas, Leopard Appaloosa

Pony of the Americas, Leopard Appaloosa


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The Leopard Appaloosa POA was a popular model, with his chestnut spots and grey shading.  They made use of masked spots, something rarely done by Breyer at that time.  He was only produced from 1976-1980.

This fellow is in Excellent condition and a superb restoration prospect.  He has only some pinpoint rubs in his grey leg shading, but has a lot of pinpoint and tiny marks on his body.  Because he's unpainted white plastic, they should clean off easily with careful use of a Magic Eraser!  He features chunky hoof striping, an outlined forelock, a full grey tail stripe, whites almost as bright as the day he was born, unglossed eyes, soft face shading, and shell pink inner ears and muzzle.  You can tell I'd love to see someone clean him up and appreciate him!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #155

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