Proud Arabian Foal ~ Joy - Alabaster, Glossy with grey Body Shading


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This hard-to-find cutie was only made in 1958 and 1959!  She's a glossy Proud Arabian Foal called Joy.  (Her Mom's name was Pride.)  While many were plain alabaster, some were given extra attention by their painter, with grey muzzles and/or body shading.

This sweetie is rated Body condition with a repaired hind leg and broken left ear.  It's a shame, because she has some of the nicest grey body shading I've seen on this release!  She also has mild to moderate yellowing (one side is more yellow than the other) that you could correct by letting her sunbathe.  Even as-is, she'd still be lovely as a variation in your stable or as your first example of this pretty release!  If you restore her with some sunshine and a rebuilt ear, she'll be even more of a prize!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #9