Proud Arabian Foal, Dapple Grey Semi-Gloss

Proud Arabian Foal, Dapple Grey Semi-Gloss


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The adorable Proud Arab Foal ran for many years, but with lots of variation.  They wear soft dapple grey coats with airbrushed bald faces and darker mane, tail, knees and hips, generally over four airbrushed socks.

This filly is Near Mint with only (maybe) tiny ear edge rubs!  It could just be that she was more lightly painted there.  She has the usual overspray speckling, and the top of her tail is not as shiny as her body.  She is a beauty!   She features tiny dapples more in scale with her size than most, charcoal grey leg joints, and inner ear and muzzle shading.  She has a whole area on her right hip that has no dapples, and is beautifully highlighted. Such a cutie.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #220

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