Proud Arabian Foal ~ Joy, Alabaster, Matte


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This beyond-adorable filly was an original release for this mold (from Breyer).  She is a slightly modified version of the Maureen Love mold made for Hagen-Renaker, which at this time, Breyer no longer has license to produce, making these guys harder to find every year.  The pretty matte alabaster color has been released twice for short periods: 1973-1976, and 1978-1981. 

She is in Excellent condition with some rubs in her grey areas and a few pinpoint specks in her whites.  She features grey inner ears and muzzle that are glossy.  She's so white that we had to darken the photos so she'd show up against the white background.  What a cutie!

[Note: This foal is from Eleda's personal collection and tag under her belly is her collection name tag.  It will be removed prior to shipping.]


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #9