Proud Arabian Mare and Foal, Bay Pinto - Sears SR w/Box


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The Proud Arabian Mare and matching Proud Arabian Foal were issued through Sears Holiday Catalog in 1988 only.  They are red bay with pinto markings, solid face and black points.  The mare has one sock.  This was a popular set, marking the first time the mold was made in such a wild color.  Only 3500 sets were produced.

This mare is Near Mint with just eartip and hoof edge rubs.  She is a lighter color than most I've seen, and wears a matte finish.

Her foal is Factory Mint with a lighter color than most I've seen.  (Both models are more of a copper bay than the deep red bay that's common.)  She features soft edges to her markings (well-done, not smudgy looking, just soft) and a satin / semi-gloss finish. 

The set comes in its original box with their photo on the side and a 1988 box brochure.  (Box is in Excellent condition with some damage to the photo and some creasing on the flaps, but no tears.  It still has its packing slip with original buyer's name attached to the back side.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #497679