Proud Arabian Mare, Dapple Grey, Matte

Proud Arabian Mare, Dapple Grey, Matte


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The iconic Proud Arabian Mare in dapple grey is a favorite among variation collectors, and for good reason.  Every dapple pattern is unique, and the combination of shading, socks, and finishes seems endless.  She has been so popular through the years that she has reappeared in the Breyer lineup three times!  Her first release ran from 1972-1979, then she came back for 1982, and once more for 1985-1988.

This girl is in Very Good condition and a great restoration prospect!   She has just tiny ear edge rubs and one tiny hoof edge rub.  However, she has yellow stains on both sides, I assume from having been wrapped in yellow fabric or wearing a yellow blanket.  You could leave her as-is for display (she's dark so they don't jump right out at you), or try sunbathing or bleach techniques to remove them.  She's such a pretty girl that she's worth the effort.  She is a very dark dapple grey with a shaded rump and tons of tiny dapples.  She has mild yellowing in her socks, which will reverse with some time spent sunbathing, but no yellowing on her face.  She has teeny tiny dapples up the right side of her neck, under her jaw, and even above her left eye.  USA mark.  Won't you make her pretty again? 


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #215

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