Proud Arabian Mare, Dapple Grey, Matte

Proud Arabian Mare, Dapple Grey, Matte


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The iconic Proud Arabian Mare in dapple grey is a favorite among variation collectors, and for good reason.  Every dapple pattern is unique, and the combination of shading, socks, and finishes seems endless.  She has been so popular through the years that she has reappeared in the Breyer lineup three times!  Her first release ran from 1972-1979, then she came back for 1982, and once more for 1985-1988.

This girl is Near Mint with just tiny hoof edge, ear edge, and pinpoint tail edge rubs.  She features big, bold dapples mixed with tiny ones and faintly pink inner ear shading.    She wears a matte finish with glossy hooves.  USA mark.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #215

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