Proud Arabian Mare ~ Pride, Matte Alabaster


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The beloved PAM (Proud Arabian mare) was made in matte alabaster from 1972-1976, skipped a year, then came back for 1978-1981. She was called Pride. She wears a white coat with grey mane and tail, matching her grey feet.

This pretty girl is in Near Mint condition with bright whites.  She has a small shiny spot that looks like glue on her right hindquarter, a tiny dark speck under her tail and a tinier one on her left shoulder that started to come off with a bit of rubbing, so they may both clean off.  She features muzzle and inner ear shading, and unpainted eye whites with the hint of eyeliner (airbrushed).    USA mold mark; no air hole.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #217