Proud Arabian Mare ~ Steel Dust - JAH SR w/CoA

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This beautiful Proud Arab Mare was the "Just About Horses" subscriber Special Run for 1993.  In order to purchase her, you had to subscribe to the magazine, then send in the purchase application with payment, and hope you were one of the lucky ones chosen, as there were often more applications than models available.  Steel Dust is lovely grey with shading and highlights, a darker mane and tail, and one hind sock.  She wears the hand-written authentication "JAH 1993" under her belly.  Only 1500 were made.

This lady is in Excellent condition with a few pinpoint rubs and a few pinpoint black marks.  She also shows light yellowing.  She's a great rescue prospect, as the yellowing can be corrected with a few days of sunbathing, and hopefully the black specks will clean off, leaving you with a great, hard-to-find mare at a bargain price!  She even comes with her original CoA.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #400393