Przewalski Horse

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The world's only remaining primitive horse, the Przewalski is named for the breed's discoverer, Russian explorer N.M. Przewalski.  In the 20th Century, populations plummeted, prompting zoos to collect and begin breeding them to preserve this very unique subspecies of horse.  Recently, they were reintroduced to the wild in their native Mongolia, so hopefully these equine treasures will once again flourish as the only truly wild horses in the world. 

Przewalskis are all primitive duns, generally wearing dorsal stripes, light-colored muzzles, light areas around their eyes, and sometimes leg barring.  They are pony-sized with low-set, short necks, flat backs and a stocky build.

The CollectA Przewalski is true to the breed's conformation and coloring.  This is a hard-to-find model, and a really neat addition to any horse collection, as he depicts the origin of all of today's breeds.  As dedicated horse lovers here at Triple Mountain, we're thrilled to carry this model, and hope you're excited by this opportunity, too!  (Consider showing him in Other Breed classes - He's sure to be a standout!)  He was retired in 2020.


Przewalski Horses

 [Photo credit Petr J. Juracka]


Size:  5.5" x 3.3"

Model #88602