Quarter Horse Mare, Bay - Possible Shrinky

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This original release for Breyer on Maureen Love's "Erin" QH Mare mold wears a red bay coat with a solid face.  Most have three socks, with a solid right front leg.  She was sold as part of the Quarter Horse Family set from 1974-1993.

She is Near Mint with only pinpoint eartip and muzzle rubs seen.  I'm almost positive that she's a shrinky, though.  She appears to be in the very early stage of shrinky syndrome, with no wet areas.  She shows potential for shrinky syndrome in her coat color and a faint chalky residue here and there.  Her coat is the bright orange-with-some-fading that we've seen before on bays that were starting to become shrinkies.  She also has strangely painted legs - the black on her knees extends down to her feet in places on all four legs, with edges that almost look masked, although that wasn't part of the release's regular design.  She's definitely an interesting variation because of these things and will be a neat conversation piece for the Love collector.  She has unglossed eyes and a USA mold mark.

To make things more interesting, she came to us as a complete family with a stallion made early in production (no mold mark).

The stallion and foal from her set, if still available, are for sale separately.


Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #3045