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Quarter Horse Mare, Buckskin


  • $4695

One of the most sought-after of Breyer molds, the G1 Stablemate Quarter Horse Mare is a Maureen Love sculpt, originally produced for Hagen-Renaker in ceramic.  Breyer licensed the mold and produced it in plastic starting in 1976.  Damage to their mold (and possibly licensing issues) has caused the Breyer mold to be discontinued, making all of the older pieces in high demand by collectors.  The buckskin was discontinued in 1988.

This mare is really hard to rate!  She has only one pinpoint rub on her right hindquarter, but her left side seems to have caught the overspray of some kind of blue paint.  The speckles are tiny and from a distance look like shading, but up close are definitely shiny blue.   On the other hand, she has the most incredible sooty shading you'll ever see on this release!  Her forequarters and face are shaded beautifully and will make her a standout in any collection or Collector's Class showstring.  She wears a semi-gloss finish, so maybe the paint specks will clean off.  I hope so, because she's beautiful otherwise!  She wears a Mexico stamp.


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #5050