Quarter Horse Mare, Palomino


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One of the most sought-after of Breyer molds, the G1 Stablemate Quarter Horse Mare is a Maureen Love sculpt, originally produced for Hagen-Renaker in ceramic.  Breyer licensed the mold and produced it in plastic starting in 1976.  Damage to their mold (and possibly licensing issues) has caused the Breyer mold to be discontinued, making all of the older pieces in high demand by collectors.  The palomino was discontinued in 1987.

This girl is in Very Good to Excellent condition with some small rubs and scratches, mostly on her rump, but due to her light color and semi-gloss finish, they aren't overly noticeable.  She features highlights, nostril shading, and well-painted eyes.  She is a darker version and her semi-gloss finish gives her a rich appearance.  She wears a Mexico stamp.


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #5048