Quarter Horse Mare, Sorrel Pinto - Export SR w/ Original Box


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This beautiful Paint on the Maureen Love QH Mare was created for export to the UK and German dealers, and was also released on a limited basis to some US Mail Order companies.  She is a deep sorrel pinto with four socks over grey feet and a solid face.  This is a particularly hard to find release on this mold, and finding one complete with her original box is a rare treat, indeed!

She is Factory Mint.  She features a rich body color with slightly ghosted markings, giving her a soft appearance.  She even comes with her original box!  Box has a small seam split along one edge and the plastic has come unglued from the cardboard, but it's such a hard item to find these days that it's well worth shipping with her, and these issues don't show when it's on display.  USA mold mark.


Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #703245