Quarter Horse Stallion, Buckskin


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This fellow was originally sculpted for Hagen-Renaker by Maureen Love, and Breyer began producing him in plastic in 1975.  He was discontinued in this color in 1987.

This guy is in Excellent condition with tiny, hard to see rubs on his left shoulder and hip, right barrel, left cheek and eartips.  A couple specks of tail overspray are on his rump, typical of this era.  He features a warm, buttercup color with slight shading on his face and nostril shading.  You can tell he's from pretty early in production, as you can still see the lines of his coronet bands, one of the first details to be lost as the mold aged.  He wears a satin finish.


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #5047