Quarter Horse Stallion, Buckskin - Bitsy Breyer and Quarter Horse Western Set


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Only made from 1984-1987, this set includes a Little Bits QH Stallion in creamy buckskin, Bitsy Breyer, her Western hat, a Western saddle, bridle, breast collar (and original included a hair comb for Bitsy).

This set is rated as Excellent condition, mainly marked down just because the hair comb is missing.  The horse has eartip and hoof edge rubs, and some specks in his finish typical of Little Bits.  He is the lightest color variation I have seen on any buckskin model!    He's more of a buttery cream color, and his highlights go to almost white.  What a pretty boy!   Bitsy's hair has been brushed, but paint is still Near Mint.  Saddle, breast collar, bridle, and Western Hat are included.  Only hair brush is missing.  Set comes in its original box (shows wear and water stains) with original price sticker still on it.


Size:  Little Bits / Paddock Pals

Breyer Model #1015