Quarter Horse Stallion, Sorrel Appaloosa - Sears SR


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Quite possibly one of the prettiest colors to grace the Maureen Love Classic Quarter Horse Family, the sorrel Appys were released only through the "Sears Wishbook" for the holidays in 1986.   This stallion wears the warm sorrel coat with a slightly darker mane and tail, airbrushed blanket and splatter spots.

This fellow is Excellent condition with just pinpoint rubs on one eartip, neck, left shoulder and right hind hoof edge.  His left gaskin appears striped because of an interesting factory paint job - It appears the paint was more liquid than usual, so they went back over that area and between his hind legs.  He features plenty of Appy spots, a mane, tail and legs that are a shade darker than his body, and a satin finish.


Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #21061