Quarter Horse Stallion, Sorrel - JCP SR


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A Maureen Love sculpt originally created for Hagen-Renaker, the G1 QH Stallion was released by Breyer in 1976.  This sorrel or liver chestnut was only produced as part of JC Penney's Stablemate Set for their holiday catalog in 1995.  He wears a body-colored mane, shaded tail, shaded knees and hocks and four socks.

This fellow is in Excellent condition marked down two ranks from Mint only because of a tiny chip off of his left ear.  If you touch it up with paint, it will be all but invisible.  Other than that, no rubs or any other issues were seen.  He features a smooth color with shaded knees and hocks and a matte finish that lets his color show through.


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #710695