Quarter Horse Yearling, Blue Roan - JAH SR


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This beautiful and hard-to-find release on the QH Yearling mold was only available to "Just About Horses" subscribers in 1989.  Often more people sent in checks than there were models available, so only the lucky got chosen by lottery to receive one.  Only 1500 were made, and each was hand-numbered under their belly.  Also sometimes called a "black roan," she wears a white body with grey roan speckles and black points, accented with muzzle and inner ear pinking. 

This filly is Near Mint, marked down only for the slightest of yellowing, which you can easily correct by letting her sunbathe for a day or two.  She features lots of tiny grey roan speckles (see closeup photo, since they don't show in most pictures), grey nostril shading, muzzle and inner ear pinking, and semi-gloss blacks for more depth of coloring.  She is hand-numbered 0809/1500 under her belly. 


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #400101