Quarter Horse Yearling, Liver Chestnut

Quarter Horse Yearling, Liver Chestnut


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This is one of the three original colors for this mold, and 25 models in this color were used as prizes in Breyer's "Name The Yearling" contest in 1970.  (First prize was a real live Quarter Horse yearling!)  Liver chestnut has been discontinued since 1980.

This filly is in Excellent condition, but most of her issues can only be seen on close inspection, so she displays beautifully.  She has a few tiny light rubs (only through the shading layer, not all the way to plastic) on her body, plus tiny eartip and hoof edge rubs.  She also has some tiny orange marks on her body.  I hope they'll come off with a good cleaning... They look like paint.  She also has a smudge of body paint on her right hind leg - Maybe the painter got distracted by all the pretty horses in the room!  She has a beautiful paint job, almost looking like she was done with pastels.  Her highlights go almost to white at her hips and the speckly paint job is gorgeous.  Her face is darker and her blaze is crisply masked as a diamond at the top, with sooty muzzle shading.  Her mane and tail are black or near-black, so some might call her a bay.  She also features nostril shading and unglossed eyes.  USA mold mark.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #101

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