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Quarter Horse Yearling, Palomino


  • $2395

One of the original colors on the QH Yearling mold, the Palomino He was discontinued in this color in 1980.

This fellow is in Excellent condition with two black marks in rubs on his chest that might come off and three pinpoint rubs on his barrel.  He features absolutely incredible shading and highlighting.  His face around his stripe is darker than the rest of him, and he highlights to a light cream on his shoulders, poll and hips.  Where the photos appear to show light reflection, it's actually his highlighting - he's quite matte.  He even wears muzzle pinking that adorably reaches his top lip on the left side.  His body shows some texture, so I believe he was made early in production.  He wears a USA mold mark.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #102