Quilted Blanket and Shipping Boots, Burgundy

Quilted Blanket and Shipping Boots, Burgundy


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 This set was only made from 1990-1992.  The quilted blanket and its matching boots are burgundy with white trim.  The blanket includes two bellybands with hook-and-loop closures, the same at the chest, and D-rings at rump.   Matching boots also feature double closure straps.

This set is Factory Mint and probably has never been out of its package until now.  They came to us bagged from an adult collector's herd (all of her accessories are Mint and were carefully packed away upon purchase.)  Set's cardboard header has separated from cello package but is Near Mint and included!  (We found it later, so its photos were taken separately.)


[Horse not included.]

Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #3945

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