Velociraptor ~ Spring-Heeled Jack - REBOR Museum Class Replicas

Velociraptor ~ Spring-Heeled Jack - REBOR Museum Class Replicas


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This is likely the last thing many prehistoric critters ever saw - Spring-Heeled Jack leaping toward them, front claws ready to grapple on, rear eviscerating claws cocked and ready to make the kill!  Spring-Heeled Jack is named for the legendary London mystery man/demon that terrorized the city in the 1800s, and was known to be able to jump over fences and onto balconies with a single leap.

Jack comes on a removable base and two different pole heights for flexible display options, and features poseable arms and an articulated jaw that you can open and close!  He comes in a full-color picture box with shaped foam insert to keep him safe.

REBOR Museum Class Replicas are accurately created sculptures with realistic paint and plenty of details to reward those who like to look closely.    They are designed for adult collectors and are the top name in prehistoric sculptures.


Series:  Museum Class Replica

Size:  Approx 7" Long by 4.5" H (not including base and pole)

Model # 160321

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