Rearing Stallion, Bay

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This little fellow was produced from 1965-1980.  He is a handsome bay with four socks over black hooves and an airbrushed bald face.

He is in Excellent condition with some hairline white marks and specks on his barrel and a few specks elsewhere in white and back.  The only visible rubs are those on his face, which are interesting, because they show that his airbrushed bald face is actually very lightly colored, allowing the rubs to show.  He haven't seen this before on this release.  It gives him a true vintage appearance.  He appears to have had some tiny hoof edge rubs touched up with a slightly shiny paint, only visible if the light hits those little spots.  Along with that slightly colored face, he shows vintage styling with black eartips and unglossed eyes.  He wears an upside down Breyer mold mark with USA along the side of it.. Interesting!


Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #185