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Rearing Stallion ~ Nocona, Breyerfest Store Special


  • $4495

Breyerfest 2013's theme was "Boots and Bling," and the Breyerfest Store Special Runs reflected the theme with four decorator Classics.  This fellow, arguably the most handsome of the four, is Nocona.  He is done in glossy charcoal grey/black with metallic gold mane and tail shading, and wears a full-body decorator pattern of colorful cowboy boots and looping ropes.  They came strapped into these white cardboard boxes inside shipping boxes.  Only 500 were made, and they're quickly disappearing into collections, so don't wait until the prices go up for these guys!

This model is still attached in his white box.  He features lovely highlights on a charcoal-grey body with lighter grey hooves.  He comes with his original hangtag.


Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #711169