Reiner ~ Slyder, Bay Appaloosa - CC SR

Reiner ~ Slyder, Bay Appaloosa - CC SR


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One of the most dynamic Collectors Club models in quite a while, Slyder is on the rarely-used Reining Horse mold (aka Hollywood Dun It).  He was a Gambler's Choice model in May of 2021, produced in three colors.  Breyer sold out of this run almost immediately!  This is the gorgeous glossy bay blanket Appaloosa.  He wears a beautifully shaded coat with a small blanket, diagonal socks and a solid face.

He is Factory Mint with a few specks in his finish as always.  He features really gorgeous shading and highlights, including black eartips.  His shading and high gloss work together to make him look like fine porcelain!


Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #712392

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