Retailer Ad Sheet ~ Barbaro Benefit Model

Retailer Ad Sheet ~ Barbaro Benefit Model


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This is a very special promotional ad sheet.  It is Breyer's introduction of the special Barbaro Benefit Model to retailers.  It talks about the benefit Barbaro Fund and how Breyer would donate $10 from the sale of each portrait model to the Veterinary School's New Bolton Center for the treatment of all horses, helping them expand and save many more lives. 

This ad sheet is extremely hard to find, since most retailers discarded them once they ordered.  It is highly sought-after for the significant horse and event it commemorates, both to collectors and real thoroughbred fans.

It is a full page size, full color, single-side ad sheet.


(This is the second of the two we received.  We don't expect to ever see one here again!)


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1307

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