Rider - Alec

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Sculpted to look like actor Kelly Reno, who played Alec in "The Black Stallion," this Breyer rider was used in the Kelly Reno and Little Man set, where he was accompanied by his Palomino Quarter Horse.  The same rider, in different clothing, was also sold in the Black Stallion and Alec Racing Sets.  Standing approximately 7" tall, Alec is dressed in a grey button-front shirt, blue jeans, and black cowboy boots.  The rider was discontinued in 1985.

These came to us from the estate of wagon maker Clair Russell, who loved this figure for its versatility and bought them in bulk, straight from Breyer.  Many of the wagons in his museum are driven by Alec figures just like these.  These hadn't been used, so they are still in sealed cello bags as they came from Breyer!  New in package Alec dolls are hard to find, and are considered highly collectible. 

[Second image is of one of these out of package, included so you can better see Alec without the glare of the package.  Yours will come still in its cello.]

 Size:  Traditional

Model #3096