Rider and Accessories ~ Waiting for Santa Pony Play Set


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2010's holiday play set was adorably called Waiting for Santa, and included a Stormy model along with this rider and accessories.  While the models are readily available, it's a lot harder to replace the rider and accessories when you need them.  We were lucky to be sent these, fresh from the box and never played with!  This group includes exactly what you see here: the sweet young horse-lover, dressed in her holiday outfit with a little poinsettia on the front, fuzzy pants, pony tails, and the most adorable tiny pony slippers!  She comes with a plush pony chair - I want a life-sized one, please! - and a Mini Whinny necklace that is human-sized.  The MW is a Playful Arabian in black pinto.  Each of these accessories is special on its own, and hard to find.

Rider and accessories are Factory Mint and came to us from an adult collector, so they has been treated as collectibles, not toys. 


Size: Traditional

Breyer Model #700830