Rider - Ben Breyer (body)

Rider - Ben Breyer (body)


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 Ben Breyer was Breyer's first branded male rider.  He utilizes the same head as Alec (rider of The Black Stallion) which was released the year prior.  Ben is dressed in similar blue jeans and boots, but wears a grey plaid shirt.  He was created to be the male counterpart to Brenda Breyer.  He was only available from 1983-1986.

He is in Body condition in need of a bath.  His face is very dirty and darkened, and may not clean up fully.  He does have an odor from having been in storage before arriving here.  The cotton of his shirt has also darkened with age, but is otherwise in great condition.  His jeans and boots are Near Mint.  He'd love to be customized to become your next show rider.


 Size:  approx. 9"  (Traditional scale)

Breyer Model #550

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