Rider - Bitsy Breyer Jockey with Accessories

Rider - Bitsy Breyer Jockey with Accessories


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 Easily lost accessories for your Little Bits / Paddock Pals Thoroughbred set can be replaced here!  Bitsy Breyer, designed to fit that scale, is poseable and has brushable hair.  She wears painted-on red and white silks and a matching cap. This Bitsy comes complete with her racing saddle, bridle and hair comb!  Since the CollectA line is the same scale as Breyer's retired Little Bits, she could also become a great show prop for your CollectAs.

She is in Near Mint condition, missing a tiny speck of paint on the front of her pants.  Saddle, bridle and comb are intact and like new.


 Size: Little Bits

Breyer Model #1010