Rider - Farrier with Blacksmith Tools (early Brunette Version)

Rider - Farrier with Blacksmith Tools (early Brunette Version)


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This rugged Farrier is ready to keep your horses' feet in tiptop shape!  He is wearing a plaid jacket and "suede" chaps over a white shirt and blue jeans.  He comes with his anvil, hammer, file, nippers, and four horseshoes.   He is fully articulated, so he can ride as well as work, and makes a great male rider for performance classes.  This figure is recognized by the American Farrier Association.  He began production in 2001 as this dark haired, unnamed farrier, and at some point, Breyer changed him to a blonde and gave him the name Jake.

This fellow is Factory Mint, likely never even displayed.  His horse shoes and tools are still inside their factory clear plastic packaging!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #530-Brunette

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